Recent @alissasherry Twitter Activity

This month I started promoting the completion of my book about the sexual harassment/assaults of two women at the hands of former Federal Judge Samuel Kent.

Unfortunately, this has ignited a firestorm of inappropriate twitter and facebook bullying by a number of people who have misguided ideas about the work I have done as a forensic psychologist.

I have been grateful for the many friends and colleagues who have called and emailed, concerned for my safety and reputation, and offering their support. I wanted to publicly thank you and let you know I am fine and I will be fine. It is the natural culmination of my very toxic line of work, the types of serious mental illnesses that are common in this line of work, and the unfortunate lack of accountability that one can find on social media outlets these days.

I want to discourage folks from engaging with or responding to any of these individuals on my behalf. It is not worth your time or attention. I know who I am and what I am about and I don’t feel the slightest bit defined by the vitriol others feel so comfortable bathing in on a regular basis. My greatest sadness is that it detracts from the narrative of the two women who bravely shared their stories of survival and courage.

I’m very proud to be featured in Austin Women’s Magazine this month as a part of promoting this project. I welcome you to check out the magazine and follow me on twitter (@alissasherry), LinkedIn, and Facebook for updates on this book project and my future project, “War Paint,” coming soon!